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Imagine yourself at home with a coffee and a laptop because that day you prefer to work from home, you answer emails, do a daily Teams call with colleagues, and then listen to a webinar by an expert in your area of ​​expertise – of course, somewhere on the other side of the world. Or that you are walking in the park and paying bills via mobile phone at the same time. Along the way, a reminder pops up – mom’s birthday is next week, and you immediately book a table in her favourite restaurant from your mobile phone and order a surprise bouquet to her address…

For some generations, it is a complete novelty that was once unimaginable, while others were almost born with it. No matter how you look at it, digitization has become one of the most important needs for both of them – which we don’t even think about because it’s there. It allows us to be connected with the world, and even more importantly – with our neighbors.

And it is precisely the strengthening of digital life in Croatia that is our main purpose, the reason we exist. We sincerely believe that with digitization our life will be easier – because we will simplify the complicated; and better – because we will have more free time for our pleasures.

In order to succeed in our efforts to strengthen the digitization of the entire society, but also to develop a company that selflessly cares for all its employees and the future, we have developed a unique culture and principles with which we live and work every day. This manifesto talks about exactly that – about our mission, our beliefs and values, about the way we function every day.

At A1 Croatia, we take care of our employees and their families, so that they can dedicate themselves to our mission, but also to everything that is important to them in their life outside of work. Our employees have at their disposal numerous benefits related to taking care of their health and well-being, work-life balance, professional development, various facilities on campus, fun activities, participation in the development of the local community, and many material benefits.

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