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Addiko Bank

As one of the leading banks on the market, Addiko Bank provides ‘clear, simple and direct banking’, focusing at the same time on efficiency and simple communication. By applying these three principles, and with strategic digital development, Addiko Bank promotes quality instead of quantity, easier financial decision-making, and positive experience.

At Addiko Bank, it is extremely important that all employees feel comfortable and satisfied at their workplace, which is why satisfaction and engagement surveys are regularly conducted. The bank encourages open, honest and direct communication, and employees are encouraged through various activities to express their suggestions, ideas, and even concerns regarding any situation that may involve unethical or illegal behaviour or inappropriate relationships with others.

There is also a unique program through which Addiko encourages employee suggestions for business improvement, whereby the best ideas are regularly rewarded. A reward system has also been introduced, so the best idea is rewarded on a semi-annual basis.

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