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Dijamant DOO is the largest producer of edible oils and the leading producer of margarine, vegetable fats, mayonnaise and mayonnaise-based delicatessen products in Serbia. Dijamant DOO proves its leading position on the Serbian market with numerous domestic and international awards in the production of oils, vegetable fats and margarine. Success is achieved by creating an encouraging work culture for the application and expansion of employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities.

Dijamant is also recognized by its consumers and partners as a socially responsible organization that operates without losing sight of the issues of environmental protection and improving the quality of life. In Dijamant, special attention is paid to the Follow the Sunflower projects, which are focused on the needs of people with Down syndrome and their inclusion in social processes, as well as Young Confectioners, which is dedicated to talented high school students and the “sweetest” craft.

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