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Mercator operates within the Fortenova group, and its primary and most important activity is the retail trade of products for everyday use, which it continuously expands by offering complementary services. Mercator is much more than just a retailer because it is also a platform that connects employees, suppliers, customers and the local environment.

Mercator employees have the opportunity to make suggestions for improving the company’s performance and creating better workplaces for everyone. In addition, all employees have long-term development plans to guide them on their career path and for them to realize their full potential in the organization. All new employees can expect detailed job descriptions, opportunities for development and over 20 benefits in an organization that nurtures diversity, equality and inclusion.

Proud holders of the Employer Partner certificate are Mercator-S from Serbia and Poslovni sistem Mercator from Slovenia, so be sure to look for where you can start your career path on their career pages!

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