Our Story.

Together, we build excellent workplaces around the world.

Employer Partner is continuously raising the bar in the HR world with methodology created by HR experts from SELECTIO Group, the leading group for HR consulting in the Adriatic region, international partners and more than 50 human resources and talent acquisition managers.

Caring for the people, companies and the future.

Gathered with the same goal and with the same core values, our core team is small but mighty. We thrive to promote the best workplaces built on high HR expertise, constructively challenging companies to grow. We have strong principles and we believe that there is always room for something great, while having one standard for all.

Get Familiar With Our Values



We hold ourselves to extraordinarily high standards. We are striving for excellence and are constantly raising the bar.



We have strong principles and high ethics. This includes making moral decisions as well as having one standard for all.



We have an eternal quest for knowledge and understanding. We learn in order to grow.



We believe that there’s always room for something greater. That is why we ensure the growth and development of our team – and our clients.



We develop solutions by considering the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process, including the methodology and day-to-day business.



We care about our clients. We also care about the well-being of all the people we work with. We are committed to being attentive and considerate.

Inside the Office

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