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NEXE Group consists of 15 companies operating in the Republic of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The core activity is the production of construction materials: cement, concrete, aggregates, concrete elements, roof tile, brick and ceramic tiles.

NEXE Group includes companies engaged in waste management and port services. Group’s vision is to be a leading producer of construction materials, recognized for its socially responsible operations and sustainable creation of new values ​​for its customers, owners, employees and the social community. Nexe Group’s mission is to build a better future responsibly.

In NEXE Group special attention  is devoted to continuous investment in people through the development of their competencies through various educational programs. In order for the development to be adapted to each employee, the NEXE academy was launched, which aims to improve the existing education system. In this way, employees are enabled to realize their full potential, develop additional work skills and increase work efficiency.

Attracting and retaining employees is one of the most challenging roles of the HR process in any company today. For this reason, NEXE Group approaches human resources management strategically, with an emphasis on attracting and retaining employees.

Read more about Nexe on their About page.

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