Two times in a row: Dukat is awarded the Employer Partner certificate

For the second year in a row, Dukat was awarded the Employer Partner certificate. The approach towards employees is based on respecting and encouraging diversity – 9 of 12 top managers in Dukat are women!

Together with companies KIM Mljekara Karlovac and La Logo, Dukat was awarded the prestigious Employer Partner certificate. Achieving extraordinary results, even better than the last year, Dukat reaffirms its excellence in human resources management. Dukat and sister companies achieved the best results in HR strategy and recruitment and selection. The independent certification team thus confirmed that the human resources management at Dukat is a strategic partner, not only for its business but also for its employees.

Compared to last year’s results, the greatest progress is seen in ensuring equal opportunities in recruitment and selection, fostering diversity in the workplace and in the number of hours of training per employee. The HR assessment showed continuous improvement in the quality of Dukat’s human resources management practices.

As an organization whose approach to employees is the base of HR, as well as non-discrimination and diversity, Dukat has been a signatory of the Charter on Diversity since 2017, which aims to promote diversity, non-discrimination and inclusiveness as fundamental values ​​of modern society and employees.

Promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the business environment is one of the cornerstones of Dukat’s human resources management strategy. This is evidenced by the large percentage of women in the management structure of Dukat. That is why 9 of 12 top managers in Dukat are women and the share of women in management positions in Dukat is 50 %!

In conclusion, compared to other Croatian companies in the certification process Employer Partner, in almost all areas Dukat achieves above-average results and is proudly ranked among the best employers in Croatia.

The Employer Partner Certificate was launched in 2005 with the mission of promoting quality employee management and is attended by about 100 organizations per year. This prestigious certificate for excellence in human resources management is awarded by the SELECTIO Group, a leading consulting company in Croatia, to the best employers who have proven excellence in human resources management. Every four years, the criteria for obtaining certification are becoming more demanding, and employee management practices are becoming better.

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