A1 Slovenia: A Newly Recognized Employer Partner in Slovenia

A1 Slovenia has met high HR standards and received its first Employer Partner certificate. It underwent a detailed evaluation of its HR system and demonstrated coherence, purpose, and quality in HR processes across the entire organization, at all levels.

Employer Partner Talk: Blaž Ferenc, Senior Director of HR, Corporate Communications and Sustainability

Individual learning budgets and numerous development opportunities

Employees had over 50 hours available for education last year. Learning ambassadors promote a culture of continuous learning in the company. The A1 Library is available for book borrowing. Twice a year during working hours, employees can attend lectures and workshops as part of the Knowledge Fair. High-quality training programs are available for acquiring Data&AI expertise, along with various free digital platforms. The company supports internal mobility by providing employees changing roles with a €1,000 individual budget for learning new skills.

In addition to educational opportunities, the company also offers over 20 material and non-material benefits that contribute to a family-friendly environment and, above all, employee well-being. Employees at A1 Slovenia have shown high satisfaction with team cohesion, flexible work engagements, and well-being initiatives.

Employee well-being is high on the priority list

To facilitate the return after maternity leave, the company provides special support. They allow part-time work or morning shifts for the first few months. Active wellness ambassadors organize morning yoga every Wednesday. Employees have access to group health insurance and numerous free preventive check-ups. The importance of mental health is highlighted by the EAP program where employees can contact a professional 24/7 for psychological support. Another benefit for employees includes discounts on services provided by A1.

Companies with the Employer Partner certificate demonstrate excellent human resource management and invest in employees through strategically aligned HR practices, which serve as a strong foundation for growth and achieving ambitious organizational goals. This certification is a testament to excellence, recognized by candidates seeking a quality employer.

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