Addiko Bank Banja Luka: Nurturing a Culture of Trust and Collaboration

Addiko Bank Banja Luka proudly received its first Employer Partner certificate in recognition of excellent human resources management, thus becoming another employer with whom we build quality workplaces and raise the bar of HR excellence throughout the region.

Creating a safe and inclusive work environment, while respecting the voice of each employee, is the main focus of the successful HR practices at Addiko Bank Banja Luka. The HR department was particularly praised for the key role it plays in fostering open and high-quality two-way communication throughout the organization. In addition to the HR department itself, it is impressive to see managers in all other departments who are well acquainted with the latest HR practices, and how they effectively nurture the potential of their talented teams. With a culture built on trust and cooperation, Addiko Bank Banja Luka represents an outstanding example of an organization that prioritizes the well-being of its employees and the creation of a strong and engaged workforce.

Our team includes talented people who improve their knowledge and perfect their existing skills, and we as a bank always strive to provide them with the opportunity to develop both personal performance and innovative projects in which they can apply all of this. We also strive to ensure that every employee has a positive work experience through our well-being strategy, and we especially care about the satisfaction and safety of all members of the Addiko Bank Banja Luka team. Ivana Kantar, director of the Department of Administration and Human Resources Management in Addiko Bank Banja Luka.

Like all holders of the Employer Partner certificate, Addiko Bank Banja Luka is now part of a prestigious group of employers who are the first to initiate positive changes in working environments.

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