Advanced employee development practices: Lidl Hrvatska trained 310 internal trainers

By continuously investing in development and education, Lidl Hrvatska increases employee satisfaction and engagement, and this year, thanks to the excellent results achieved in the analysis of human resources management, it earned another Employer Partner certificate.

The team of independent HR experts from the SELECTIO Group that certified Lidl Hrvatska especially praised this year’s progress in the area of recruiting new talent and employee education. The recruitment processes, which from 2022 include the collection of feedback from managers and all candidates participating in the selection process, were also praised. In addition, Lidl Hrvatska implements new digital solutions to make the selection process as pleasant and simple as possible for everyone involved in the process.

Always ready to share knowledge

The onboarding process (introduction of employees to the job) in Lidl does not only involve newly hired people, but is also applied in internal employee rotations (transfer of employees from one department to another), which facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and speeds up the adaptation process.

An analysis of the HR system found that Lidl Hrvatska has detailed materials that help in learning and adapting to the new work environment, and the process of getting into the job is made easier thanks to the high motivation of mentors who are always ready to share knowledge and experience. Employee development encompasses all departments and all levels, and there is a particularly strong tradition of internal training and structured knowledge exchange, facilitated by 310 internal trainers.

Its benefits exceed many companies

Employees enjoy benefits in which Lidl Hrvatska exceeds many organizations in Croatia. Numerous monetary rewards, health care initiatives, development activities and a number of other monetary and non-monetary benefits are available. That’s why it’s no wonder that Lidl Hrvatska has been successfully retaining and developing numerous generations of talent for years.

Excellent employers are the first to introduce desirable HR practices and the first to drive positive change, not only at the organizational level, but also at the market level. The list of holders of the Employer Partner certificate is growing every year, which is why we are witnessing an increasingly better quality of jobs throughout the region.

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