Attracting and retaining quality employees, personal and business growth and how to keep a clear head

Erste Bank has been meeting the criteria of the Employer Partner certificate for many years, and this year it was also awarded the prestigious Above and Beyond certificate in the Innovation category. To find out more about the HR practices implemented at Erste Bank, we talked to their HR team, who pointed out four areas of particular importance.

Employer (re)branding

Listening to the needs of the labor market and existing employees, Erste Bank developed a new employer branding strategy, as part of which, in addition to presenting a new visual identity, it brought its culture and values closer to future employees, presented the selection and onboarding process, and a rich program of benefits.

Accessible learning anytime, anywhere

Digitization of work and learning has become an integral part of business reality. In order to make it easier for employees to access learning, Erste Bank introduced ERSTE GURU in 2021 – a collaborative portal for online learning, which can be accessed via all screens, and offers numerous educational contents in short and dynamic formats.

Erste always stays level-headed

Recognizing the importance of mental health, at the time of the lock down and the earthquake, an initiative of psychosocial support for employees via a direct telephone and e-mail line was launched. Over time, current topics related to mental health have become closer to employees through webinars and professional lectures, and through a digital platform popularly called ZDRAVA GLAVA.

Trust in employees and openness to ideas

Trust in employees and openness to new ideas are recognizable human resource management practices at Erste Bank, where HR experts continuously work to identify the future needs of employees and the challenges brought by the increasingly rapid transformation of business and new technology.

The new employer branding strategy, the online learning system, and the promotion of the importance of mental health are just some of the factors that place Erste Bank at the very top of desirable employers. You can read more information in the article about HR practices that make Erste Bank the current holder of the Employer Partner certificate.

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