Awesome team on the wings of a lion holds an Employer Partner certificate!

For the first time, Generali Osiguranje Srbija holds the Employer Partner certificate proving that their team is awesome on the wings of a lion. Generali underwent an objective assessment and analysis of the HR process, which was carried out by Employer Partner consultants. The assessment included 7 HR areas elaborated through 30 topics in order to cover the complete life cycle of employees in the organization. The Employer Partner certification team specifically praised as many as five categories: attracting talents, onboarding and development of employees, transformation and growth, inclusion and inspiration, as well as the strategic function of HR.

The gold medal confirms that we are on the right track

For us, this certificate represents a significant recognition, because it evaluates the quality of the HR process using an objective methodology, enables comparison with the best and provides concrete guidelines for further improvements. For the HR team, it is a reward for many years of dedicated work in every field, on every project, and a real gold medal that confirms that we are on the right track.

For top management, this is a big deal because good HR is synonymous with a healthy, strong and attractive company. And we will feel the full value and true meaning only when all of our people – all 1,600 colleagues, are proud and completely satisfied with the work and atmosphere in Generali. That is our constant focus. The certificate also gave us an incentive to talk about good practices louder, and even further, outside the borders of Generali, so that our potential candidates and clients could feel that “The team is awesome on the wings of a lion, as one of our slogans from sports competitions says. ,” said Maša Lalić, member of the Executive Board and Director of HR and Strategy of Generali Osiguranja Srbija.

Employer Partner enables an objective assessment, simple data entry, and a high-quality HR benchmark. On the other hand, it gives the certification team additional space to examine the actual situation in organizations. Check out current holders of the certificate!

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