Carlsberg Serbia won the first Employer Partner certificate for HR excellence

A strong commitment to employee growth and development, as well as an inspiring and motivating work environment, are the main reason why Carlsberg Serbia earned its first Employer Partner certificate!

Carlsberg Serbia is constantly improving and developing its business on a global level and strives to respond to the challenges currently facing the market. Their responsibility is primarily reflected in the partnership the company builds with its employees, and the Employer Partner certificate is the best proof that this approach is recognized by employees and the best HR experts in the region.

In order to earn this certificate, Carlsberg Serbia went through an objective assessment and analysis of all HR processes, which was done by Employer Partner consultants. The analysis included 7 HR processes, developed across 30 topics. To cover the complete lifecycle of the employees in the organization, Carlsberg Serbia had to meet the criteria in the following categories – Attract & Hire, Onboard & Develop, Engage & Inspire, Transform & Grow, Retain & Empower, Offboard & Rehire, and HR Strategic Advisory. The result of a detailed analysis showed that Carlsberg Serbia stood out the most in HR Strategic Advisory as well as in the high commitment of employees.

Aleksandra Dutina from Carlsberg Serbia and Sanja Jevdjenijevic from HR Xcel

The certificate is therefore another confirmation that Carlsberg Serbia nurtures an open and inspiring work environment in which employees can boost their potential. Because employees are the key to the company’s success.

“We are continuously building partnerships with employees in order to create and maintain a successful, pleasant and productive work environment. We achieve this with great commitment from both management and employees, but also a clear strategy, communication and organization, and well-designed processes and practices, “said Aleksandra Dutina, HR Director of Carlsberg Serbia.

Companies recognized by the Employer Partner certificate have excellent HR practices and have proven high quality in human resource management, which attracts many talents who really care about investing in employees. Of course, such companies also prove their readiness for growth and development, because the certificate emphasizes the strengths of HR, but at the same, it shows space for progress.

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