Ciklopea: Achieving the eighth certificate by investing in people and technology

From a startup to a leader in the multibillion-dollar global industry of translation and localization, Ciklopea has achieved the unimaginable thanks to continuous investment in people, processes, and technology. Today, they are one of the largest providers of language services in Southern Europe and are proud holders of the eighth Employer Partner certificate, which best proves the quality of human resources management.

To meet all the conditions for issuing the Employer Partner certificate, Ciklopea had to undergo a detailed evaluation of human resources management, which evaluates the experience of employees in seven key stages and 40 topics.

Sandra Boljkovac Stojak, Founder and Executive Director:

Ciklopea celebrates its 20th birthday this year and we are proud to have been holders of the Employer Partner certificate for many years. We will continue to follow trends and adapt to new challenges of the labor market. We really strive to be partners to our employees. Their opinion and open communication are important to us. There is always room for improvement, and we want to support all our employees and encourage them to constantly improve and develop professionally and personally.

Ivana Barišić Oharek, Head of Human Resources and External Suppliers:

New trends in the labor market are a constant incentive for us at Ciklopea to continuously work on improving our processes and cooperation with employees. Thus, in the past year, we successfully implemented some new activities for the first time. We have increased the number of vacation days, we have conducted many external trainings with the aim of strengthening the competencies of employees, and we can freely call the past year the year of training in Ciklopea. We will continue to follow trends and respond to all new challenges in the labor market, which is currently quite dynamic. I would also like to thank the company Selectio, which always gives us new ideas and suggestions to be even better. I would also like to thank all the employees of Ciklopea for their wonderful cooperation and support, we will continue to do so!

Over the past 20 years, Ciklopea has developed into an industry leader and secured its place in a prestigious group of employers thanks to continuous investment in people, processes and technology, a path it will follow in the future.

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