Ciklopea: From a small startup to a leader in a multibillion-dollar global industry

From a startup to a leader in the multibillion-dollar global translation and interpretation industry and localization – Ciklopea is an Employer Partner for the seventh time in a row thanks to continuous investment in people, processes and technology. Today, they are one of the largest language service providers in Southern Europe and are proud to hold the Employer Partner certificate, which best demonstrates the top quality of potential management.

Keeping the focus on internal knowledge sharing despite pandemic challenges

In companies such as Ciklopea, the transition to a new phase of the development cycle requires the adoption of new forms of knowledge. The Employer Partner analyses whether internal training follows the development of the organization and how new knowledge and skills are transferred and adopted. During the certification of Ciklopea, the company had to prove the value of education and training and had to prove that the cost was effectively allocated and that the activities were in line with business goals.

For the success of the company, it is crucial that employee training increases the use of skills and initiates the benefits generated by increasing productivity. We commend Ciklopea for keeping the focus on quality internal knowledge transfer during the pandemic and meeting all the criteria for achieving the Employer Partner certificate. It is commendable that employees who often hold internal training have Train the Trainer education that helps in communicating Walk the Talk organizational culture. Also, we emphasize the digital transformation that applies not only to customer service processes but includes all employees who enable them to achieve the goals of modern global business. – said Martina Kessler, Head of Organizational Development Solutions, SELECTIO Group.

Ciklopea stood out the most in the field of talent acquisition.

Namely, their HR experts are aware of the gap between academic education and the needs of the market, which is especially visible in the language industry. There are several reasons for that, and the biggest is the gap between language and technical knowledge. Ciklopea has recognized the importance of collaboration between academic institutions and language service providers which represents an upgrade of education and a bridge between theory and practice. The activities they have successfully carried out to fill this gap and attract talent are a summer school for language students and graduates, internships in collaboration with universities across the region, and an Open Day to bring the industry closer to young people without work experience and curious professionals looking for new career challenges.

Employer Partner Ciklopea - Toni Lugarov

We are constantly investing in the knowledge and development of our employees, who are the key to the success of our company’s business. It is very important to us that each of our employees feels good in their workplace, that they develop on a personal and professional level and that they are motivated for further success in their work. We try to listen and, more importantly, hear their opinions and adopt their ideas. Our industry is very dynamic and success often depends on readiness for change and the introduction of innovations in business. We are glad that our colleagues are ready to learn and are focused on outstanding results. Thank you all for that. We look forward to furthering success! – said Sandra Stojak, Executive Director of Ciklopea.

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