Croatia osiguranje confirmed the status of Employer Partner

The market leader in the field of insurance operating within the Adris Group is the first and currently the only insurance company to obtain this certificate

Croatia osiguranje, the market and digital leader in the field of insurance in Croatia, continuously places great emphasis on the overall well-being of employees by offering competitive working conditions, additional benefits and the possibility of further professional development in a pleasant and stimulating environment.
Croatia osiguranje is not just an employer to its employees, but it is their true partner. How much we are committed to quality human resources management is best shown by the fact that we are constantly providing each employee with new opportunities for continuous business and personal development. In Croatia, we are especially proud of the cooperation with FER and INSURTECH specialist postgraduate study, which educates the second generation of our fellow experts, and from the next academic year, the possibility of postgraduate education will be open to everyone else. In addition, we are focused on initiatives and programs that reward and motivate the best employees who make a difference, but also on attracting talents who will bring new added value to Croatia’s team, said Tomislav Zoric, Director of Human Resources.

Croatia Osiguranje Poslodavac Partner
Photo by Toni Lugarov

In order to meet all the criteria for achieving certification, Croatia osiguranje had to go through independent analysis of the entire human resources management system. The analysis covered five key HR areas – strategy, recruitment and selection processes, employee performance management, employee development and development, and employee relations. In each area, Croatia showed excellence and stood out with a focus on the strategic planning of human resource management, quality design and implementation of the process of selecting candidates for vacancies. This year, they have shown particularly good results in the training and development of employees.

The greatest value of the company is the employees. Excellence is something that we nurture in both directions – us as a company towards employees, but also employees towards the company, who with knowledge, innovation and business achievements make CO as a company so successful , says Tomislav Zorić.

Croatia osiguranje has thus confirmed that it has one of the best HR practices in Croatia, and that it continuously measures its success in potential management, developing new practices and investing significant efforts in this as a competitive advantage in the market.

The Employer Partner Certificate is awarded to organizations that, regardless of size and public exposure, meet quality standards in human resource management. Criteria for achieving certification are becoming more demanding, and certificate holders are becoming more innovative.

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