Delhaize Serbia holds the first certificate for excellent people & culture management

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to Delhaize Serbia for its special contribution to the management of human resources and programs for benefits that are tailor-made for employees.

We launch initiatives and programs with the aim of continuously motivating, inspiring, developing and improving our colleagues’ satisfaction. We proudly show and develop our diverse teams, and we nurture and appreciate the authenticity of each individual – building a strong community of dedicated professionals. For us, the Employer Partner certificate is a motivation, but also a responsibility, to remain a place that gathers good, hardworking and satisfied people, said Marko Babić, member of the Board and Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Development of Delhaize Serbia.

Delhaize Serbia continuously provides support to the development of its employees through various programs for career advancement and additional education. In the previous year, 111,000 hours of training were provided for employees, and with the goal of additional development, three new development programs for leaders in operations were implemented, through which about 250 employees went. In addition, the company launched the “Tebi više” internal program to improve the working conditions for employees in stores and the Distribution Center.

One of the most challenging categories that we evaluate, such as Employee Engagement & Satisfaction as well as Transformation and Growth, are ones in which Delhaize Serbia has extraordinary results. The analysis showed strategic commitment to this topic, which further established efforts to constantly improve a stimulating work environment. Delhaize Serbia represents a true example of successful human resource management that is developing in all key areas. We especially praise the quality recruitment strategy, organizational culture, investment in the development of leadership skills, communication and feedback culture, as well as employee engagement and satisfaction. Also, we are glad to see a significant investment in transformation and growth, especially through agents of change and reskilling and upskilling of employees, said Martina Kessler, Head of Organizational Development Solutions on behalf of the Employer Partner certification team (in Croatia, also know as the Poslodavac Partner).

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