Employer Partner introduced the first Croatian HR assessment platform

Companies A1 Croatia, Addiko Croatia, Atlantic Grupa, CEMEX Croatia, Coca-Cola HBC, Erste&Steiermärkische Bank, INA Grupa, JT International Zagreb, Lidl Croatia d.o.o. k.d., Philip Morris Zagreb, Pliva Hrvatska, TDR d.o.o., Tifon d.o.o., Valoviti papir Dunapack and Zagrebačka pivovara were the first to receive the Employer Partner certificate for successful certification according to the new methodology.

The Employer Partner certificate was launched in 2005 and about 100 organizations participate in it annually, and today it represents a path shaped according to the best global HR practices.

Prestigious certificate for excellence in human resource management, Employer Partner, awarded by the independent consulting organization SELECTIO, gathered the current certified employers in Zagreb yesterday to announce news for the regional HR community.

In response to the changes that took place in the last two years, Employer Partner transformed the employer certification process, which implies a new perspective of HR evaluation through the employee lifecycle – a view from the employee’s perspective, and the first smart digital questionnaire that combines humanization and digitalization. On the one hand, the questionnaire enables simple data entry and a better HR benchmark, and on the other hand, it gives the certification team additional space to examine the real situation in organizations. This way, the HR system is viewed as a whole in which various practices are intertwined. For this reason, it will not be possible to meet the criteria for obtaining the certificate if there is no good connection of all practices in the organization.

The aim of the Employer Partner certificate is to equally support employers who meet high HR quality standards, regardless of the size of the organization, popularity or location, and employees who are looking for a healthy and stimulating environment. That is why the new platform for HR assessment successfully encompasses tradition, digitalization and the international segment, supporting the development of the entire human resources management system that puts the employee experience at the center, from the candidate experience to the employee experience.

Experts from the SELECTIO Group and over 50 human resources managers from successful organizations participated in the creation of the new methodology, and the introduced changes were shaped by feedback from current certificate holders.

In the last two years, most employers suffered some form of crisis, and many stopped investing in HR because of this, even though the investment was actually most needed then. On the other hand, regardless of the challenges, Employer Partners managed to keep the focus on the employees. We had the opportunity to see a lot of adjustments they made in these two years, but also improvements that ensured growth in a truly unpredictable period. That is why I can say that I am sincerely proud that, despite the crisis, they managed to grow and that not a single Employer Partner gave up. In fact, we are all still here, in even greater numbers and with even better HR, said Martina Kessler, Head of Organizational Development Solutions from the SELECTIO Group.

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