Erste Bank Serbia: Cultivating contentment starts with employees

Erste Bank Serbia had demonstrated its commitment to excellence in human resources management and received its first Employer Partner certificate.

Years ago, guided by our slogan The Bank is the people!, we design and implement various initiatives so that all our employees feel how much we as a company care about them and their development, because they are the key to our successful business, but also to the improvement of the working environment. Nurturing open and transparent communication, we additionally encourage our employees to be active participants in this process, because they know best what we need to come to work with a smile every day. Perhaps the best confirmation of this continuous joint work is the new slogan that took root on social networks in the last year #NeRadimuBanciRadimuErste, with which we want to show the public that we live what we believe in together. Of course, this certificate, which we are extremely proud of, additionally obliges us to continue on the path of excellence. Jasna Terzić, President of the Executive Board of Erste Bank Serbia

Employee well-being boosts success

Creating a positive and satisfying organizational environment begins with the well-being and satisfaction of the employees. Content and engaged workforce contributes significantly to the overall atmosphere and success of an organization. Also, in Erste Bank Serbia they know that satisfied employees often provide better customer service, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Implementing well-being initiatives, such as Rezilient platform which includes education on well-being, employee assistance program, flexible work arrangements supported by an IT system, and professional development opportunities, Erste Bank Serbia ensures that its employees are not only content but also empowered.

About a hundred HR teams per year apply for the prestigious Employer Partner certificate, which transforms more and more HR departments in as many as 10 markets. Among the certificate holders are some of the most successful global organizations, the number of which is increasing every year.

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