91% of employees gave the highest rating for the quality of communication with managers in Fresenius Kabi Croatia

The quality of investment in employees is confirmed by the Employer Partner certificate

Fresenius Kabi Croatia confirmed the importance of investing in organizational growth and employee development by meeting the new criteria of the Employer Partner certification team. The criteria for achieving the Employer Partner certificate were more challenging this year than ever before. Specifically, the HR experts from SELECTIO Group, the largest group for consulting in human resources in the Adriatic region, have introduced new conditions for obtaining certification in response to the new challenges facing human resources managers.

Above-average investments in education per employee

The opportunity for employee learning and development starts with the annual development plan that Fresenius Kabi has set up in detail for each employee in the country. Thus, all employees, including external ones, were provided with additional training with an impressive amount of financial investment in education and completed hours of education, which placed Fresenius Kabi at the very top in terms of investment in employee development in 2021. It is important to emphasize that all leaders/mentors had training in mentoring skills. At Fresenius Kabi, many training opportunities are available, and the success of the implemented educational programs is continuously monitored. Accordingly, the survey on employee satisfaction, investment in education, and development showed amazing results.

Fresenius Kabi Croatia poslodavac partner

“It is our honor that this time, with more challenging evaluation criteria and in challenging times, we managed to become the holder of the prestigious Employer Partner certificate. We have thus proven that we are a company with excellent and well-connected practices in the management of human resources. I am particularly proud of the fact that the company Fresenius Kabi Croatia has a proven continuity of investment in employees, from the first day to the last day in the organization. We have kept our promise to continue investing in all our employees, and I am extremely pleased with that. Our greatest value is our people, with them we can easily continue towards even better results and even greater satisfaction” – said Igor Kosec, general manager of Fresenius Kabi d.o.o.

91% of employees gave the highest rating for the quality of communication with managers

Investing in employee development is a response to the organization’s needs, but also to the wishes of employees with whom management communicates regularly and openly. In Fresenius Kabi Croatia, 91% of employees gave the highest rating for the quality of communication with their managers. Each employee receives structured feedback from peers and superiors, just as all managers receive structured feedback from their team.

Meeting employee expectations has never been a bigger challenge

“Many organizations in Croatia have increased investments to improve the employee experience, but only a few manage to meet their expectations. For this reason, the Employer Partner certificate analyses real needs from two perspectives – the perspective of the organization and the perspective of the employees. If HR manages to detect the individual needs of employees and design a solution that meets organizational goals, just like Fresenius Kabi did, then it deserves the praise of our certification team.” – said Lara Šubić Šuša, Project Manager of the Employer Partner certificate.

Today, Employer Partner has been implemented in more than two hundred organizations from over ten countries, and some organizations have included the certificate as a key indicator of the success of the HR department.

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