Henkel Croatia commended for encouraging employee development through various internal workshops

The experts of SELECTIO Group awarded the company Henkel Croatia with another Employer Partner certificate, which proved the excellence of HR practice and the entire HR system, which has been recognized in Henkel since 2015.

The Employer Partner certification team evaluated the quality of human resource management through the employee lifecycle, which follows the experience of employees through seven key stages: attraction and hiring, onboarding and development of employees, engagement and inspiration, transformation and growth, retention and empowering, offboarding and returning of employees. They additionally evaluated the strategic role of HR, which was analyzed in each of the mentioned stages. Thanks to continuous investment in the development of human resources, Henkel Croatia achieved excellent results in the evaluation, which is why it is recognized as one of the best employers in Croatia.

Henkel achieved particularly good results in the area of ​​employee transformation and development. These results were achieved thanks to the ready management of changes and the opening of opportunities for employee development that lead to the fulfilment of individual potential. Henkel additionally distinguished itself by developing leadership skills and encouraging employees to share ideas and innovations. The certification team praised numerous development activities such as internal academies, various conferences and educations that focus on diversity, equality and inclusion.

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