How do excellent HR practices affect the business success and satisfaction of INA Group employees?

Vladimira Senčar Perkov, Director of Human Resources at INA, after successfully completing the certification for the prestigious Above and Beyond certificate, decided to share how INA keeps pace with global HR practices.

The realization that it is people who form the foundations on which INA Group’s business is built greatly influences our business behavior, organizational structure, management, and all related processes. If we add to that the large number of different activities of the INA Group that we deal with, the range of professionals employed at INA, whose knowledge extends from highly technical to multidisciplinary social areas, is exceptional.

Experts of different generations, interests, and profiles work at INA Group, engaged in large domestic and international projects from the northern Adriatic platforms, through the fields and plants of central Croatia, Podravina and Eastern Slavonia, through more than 500 retail outlets in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia to distant foreign sites.

It is this diversity that brings us a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in our daily work, which, through teamwork, is transformed into innovative solutions in accordance with leading global practices and ensures us a competitive advantage and business success in dynamic conditions in the markets where we operate.

Of course, for human resources management solutions to be sustainable, it is important to immediately recognize that we are all more than employees. If we appreciate the fact that we all have many roles in life, we open space to support everyone in achieving life balance.

Innovative practices at INA Group

This is exactly why the overall well-being of workers is important to INA, which it approaches in a comprehensive way. Innovative solutions are being developed internally, such as the beneFIT platform for complete well-being, FORa – flexible forms of work, bikeZONA, a community for cyclists, Zdravlje+ platform for promoting healthy habits and Čitaj&Djeli for sharing knowledge, information, and literature.

In addition to supporting the real needs of our workers, our platforms encourage and strengthen social cohesion among workers through campaigns, joint activities, or simply opportunities to share experiences through digital and analog communication channels in the company – added Vladimira.

At INA Group, we nurture a culture focused on results and success, therefore individual development programs are defined in accordance with the competencies of the future. Moreover, we encourage the personal responsibility of workers for individual development in various ways – through the offer of internal training through the INA Academy, a continuously updated catalog of education available in cooperation with external partners, internal communications about available programs inside and outside the company, all the way to benefits for workers on private education and training programs for them and their family members.

We are especially pleased when employees themselves find and propose training courses that would help them develop skills for even easier performance of daily tasks. This is precisely why we internally developed an application for electronic approval of HR processes, among other things, with the aim of recognizing opportunities for employee development as soon as possible in an efficient manner.

For the success of the company, it is extremely important that our employees have a sense of personal achievement, therefore we have implemented numerous work performance management systems as a basis for short-term incentives (bonuses) as part of the compensation package. We pay special attention to the development and application of specific work performance management systems for strategic groups of workers aligned with the needs of the business segment.

The goal of all our systems is to provide incentives that are competitive in the market and that can motivate and reward the exceptional performance of our workers, but also remain flexible enough to reflect market changes.

In addition to rewarding exceptional performance, we have also implemented a comprehensive and well-rounded employee recognition system closely linked to our corporate culture, which further promotes the desired values, behaviors, achievements and teamwork.

INA Group Awards

Awards such as the Award for Outstanding Achievement, Best Colleague and Best Manager as chosen by the workers, Ambassador of Positive Change, Best Trainer of the INA Academy or the SMART Award for exceptional contribution to sustainable development and protection of health, safety and the environment are just some of the recognitions for the merits of our employees that are awarded as part of the annual ceremony where awards are presented by the company’s top management.

All key HR processes are regularly monitored and their impact on business success and employee satisfaction is analyzed. In addition to monitoring objective quantitative data on the success of human resources management, regular surveys and continuous dialogue with workers and social partners monitor the impact of our practices and based on them we create action plans to improve the work experience of our workers and confirm that #forajeraditiuIni.

Through open and transparent communication within the company, we not only collect important information for the nurturing and development of our culture and work experience, but we also live the value that in the INA Group everyone is important every day.

We are extremely proud of the fact that the quality of our HR system and the fact that we keep up with the best global trends in human resources management have been recognized by the prestigious Above and Beyond certificate. We are pleased to be in the company of companies that combine excellence and readiness for change with the aim of ensuring business sustainability in the future. The recognition is certainly a great motivation and responsibility to maintain the quality of existing practices and continue to work dedicatedly on creating exceptional work experience in all phases of the employee cycle.

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