How to attract top talents?

It will take time but it will pay off in the long run!

It will take time and effort to ensure that your company is the right place for top talent. Taking time to understand what top talents need will allow you to create an organization that is customised for them which will attract those talents who are the perfect match to the organization. The time you spend making the necessary adjustments will pay off in the long run!

If you are familiar with the basics of HR, you know that the greatest strength of a brand is its employees. People who are living the corporate culture that you promote are the best ambassadors – internally and externally. They directly affect the reputation of a company. If you work in human resources you know how much effort it takes to attract the best talents from the labor market, but also how hard it is to keep the most talented. If your reputation is good, the strength of your brand will always be stronger, whether you invest in its development or not.

The role of human resources management

HR professionals have a unique insight into the employment market, and the 360-degree view of the company, almost like from a bird’s eye view. As such, they are in a perfect position to step out and help the organization build a brand that employees can be proud of… a brand that displays the true values of the company and thus is attracting top-quality talents who will fit in the corporate culture and mission.

When a company is recognized for excellent HR practices, it means that it is recognized among the c-level, but also, in the whole labour market.

That is why the Employer Partner certificate is not only the orientation for the HR team and recognition for HR managers, but it is also a branding tool that can be used for attracting top talents.

Employer Partner gives an in-depth analysis of:

– employment strategies,
– employer branding,
– recruitment,
– selection,
– candidate’s experience

and then provides personalized guidelines for the improvement of HR practices. It detects strengths and weaknesses in the organization with a personal approach.

Through the process of assessment and certification, HR experts from the Employer Partner team help companies to recognize excellent strategies for hiring, developing and rewarding, caring, diversity and innovation. In order to attract not any candidate – but a candidate who is really fit for the organization.

The purpose of creating a brand is to define what makes it unique. The step towards that is to call us! If you need a little push to stand out from the crowd in order to attract top talents, contact our team in Zagreb or our partners in Beograd and move your business in the right direction! 

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