How to recognize a good employer?

The job search is often an exhausting and long-term process that can easily be prolonged for several months. During the active search is useful to notice all the information that can reveal what kind of employer is a particular company. One such indicator is the Employer Partner certificate. Those companies that reliably fulfil the conditions and benefits promised to candidates in the job offer are annually awarded the certificate. Such companies work continuously and systematically to build a corporate culture where everyone can prosper – from management to employees in all sectors. The Employer Partner certificate is therefore an important indicator that guarantees employees (future and current) that an employer truly cares about them.

The real question is: What can you expect from a company that carries the Employer Partner certificate?

Continuous investment in development and well-being

Considering that the Employer Partner certificate needs to be renewed yearly, companies with the certificate truly offer good working conditions, but also systematically invest in their employees. Since it is necessary to prove continuous improvements in the quality of human resources management every year, the certificate is an indicator of a company where employees are regularly and properly evaluated and rewarded for their efforts. Also, the certificate is a confirmation that the organization really invests in the quality of the work environment.

Employers with the Employer Partner certificate are guided by research that has shown what motivates employees of different generations the most. That is why they invest in development programs, and initiatives for lifelong learning while enabling participation in various projects where employees can develop the skills of the future. Such learning opportunities have proven to be a form of confirmation and reward for great work and are most valued by baby boomers.

Investing in competencies is becoming imperative, so in such companies, you can expect numerous opportunities for training and improvement through sharing new knowledge and experiences. This approach ensures the progress of the company but also increases employee satisfaction. On the other hand, Generation Z emphasizes how much they value the balance of private and business life, which is reflected in the flexible working hours.

Without mental health care, there is no employee satisfaction

While mentioning the balance between private and business life, it is impossible to overlook at burnout. It hits employees hard regardless of their education, age or industry. According to some research, it occurs due to an excessive amount of work, but also when employees do not understand what exactly is expected of them at work. When you are mostly given vague instructions and tasks at work, it is quite certain that you will be ending your working days frustrated and disappointed.

Such increased stress and reduced mental health have a bad effect on the business and private lives of employees. Of course, if you’re constantly stressed, worried or resentful about the unrealistic amount of work that awaits you every day, you can’t be full of energy and optimism for an afternoon gathering with family and friends. It often happens that you lose your will for your once favourite hobbies and fail to properly take care of your health. Motivation for new work victories, and investing additional effort in (vague) work tasks is out of the question in that situation.

The recent research results should also be taken into consideration, as they show that for all generations of employees – from members of Generation Z to Generation X – the support of psychotherapists at work contributes the most to well-being. In the context of the post-pandemic period, it is not surprising that we see an increased need for programs focused on mental health care.

It is good to know that companies awarded the Employer Partner certificate systematically introduce various benefits that contribute to the mental health of their employees, and some even invest in psychotherapist support.

Companies with the Employer Partner certificate understand that they are largely responsible for taking care of the well-being of their employees. Many launch their initiatives and programs for the prevention of burnout or join programs such as the Future Resilience program, which builds employees’ long-term resistance to stress and challenges. In addition to implementing initiatives and benefits that contribute to the general well-being of employees, certificate holders will do everything to protect your mental and physical health.

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