Investing in digitalization and employee development: HPB launched a new knowledge transfer model

This is now the sixth year in which HPB confirms the status of the Employer Partner! The certificate for 2022 was obtained thanks to the continuous development and improvement of the human resources management process. The Employer Partner certification team especially praised HPB’s investments in digitalization and employee development, and the achieved results prove the improvement of performance management and reward systems, organizational culture management, onboarding and competency models, as well as digitalization of HR processes and strengthening of HR IT infrastructure.

Intensive digitization of business processes continues

The Director of the HPB Human Resources Office, Ana Đidara, pointed out that a high percentage of HR processes have been digitized thanks to the Bank’s continuous investment in the digital transformation of all its business processes. In 2021, the focus was on the implementation of a digital system for submitting and approving employment applications, which was developed internally by members of the HR team. The professional certification team especially praised the upgrade and digitalization of onboarding programs and the introduction of a new online learning platform that provides access to professional education at the global level and attracts new talents.

HPB invests in employees and actively promotes a culture of competence development
With a structured and now well-established onboarding program for new employees called HPB Start employees can have all information at the very beginning. In addition to preparing the team for the arrival of a new member, the employee’s individual development plan is developed. This plan is digitally monitored and evaluated.

In addition, models of key, managerial and professional competencies are built directly on the Bank’s corporate values and have found their application both in the selection process and in defining the annual goals of employees.

Survey of employee attitudes and new indicators for employee diversity
Last year, the monitoring of the performance of the HR function was improved through the full implementation of the new HR Dashboard reporting tool, which provides key data on HR performance indicators of their organizational unit to the Bank’s management in a systematic and transparent manner.
Under the slogan “Let’s create the best Croatian bank together”, a large survey of organizational vitality was conducted, to which 87% of employees responded. The main findings of the survey showed high work motivation of HPB employees, a sense of empowerment and commitment, and a positive relationship with the immediate supervisor. Areas, where further development is needed, have also been identified and concrete action plans for improvements have been made.

New knowledge transfer model are launched
In 2021, a new model of internal knowledge transfer was developed and implemented at HPB in order to connect employee development with the business activities and strategic goals of the Bank. It aims to raise the level of employee data competencies and support the Bank’s long-term data strategy. Coordinated by the HR team in cooperation with the IT team the knowledge transfer model brings knowledge on the importance of data quality and validation, the Bank’s data ecosystem and how to use advanced data visualization tools.

“Having the Employer Partner certificate for 2022 is another confirmation of the commitment of the entire Bank, and especially its management and HR. We are very proud to be on the list of top employers for human resources management. Such recognition is an additional incentive for all projects that are ahead of us now and in the future in order to build the highest quality HR processes and create a stimulating working environment for all HPB members, “concluded Ana Đidara.

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