Kaufland introduces students to the world of work

As an employer that is aware of how important it is to invest in new generations and enable young people to gain their first work experience through practical work, Kaufland has been actively cooperating with the education sector for more than 15 years and offers students professional practice in its stores throughout Croatia.

With the professional mentoring of our colleagues, over the past 15 years, more than 300 male and female students who are studying to become a salesperson have done their internship at Kaufland. Some of them have continued their careers in our organization, where they have the opportunity to develop further in a dynamic retail environment.Dunja Firšt, director of the Human Resources sector, Kaufland Hrvatska k.d.

Throughout January and February, Kaufland visited numerous secondary vocational schools throughout Croatia and, through an interactive presentation, presented students with the possibility of doing an internship at Kaufland. For the students, they also organized the initiative “Otvorena vrata poslovnice” through which they were presented with the tasks that await them during professional practice.

Dual education program

Kaufland’s cooperation with secondary schools and students reaches a new level in 2020, when Kaufland was among the first employers to join the program of dual education of students implemented by the Ministry of Education according to the German tradition of education with work. In dual education, students studying to become salespeople spend a large number of hours with their employer and acquire practical knowledge under the watchful eye of professional mentors. The goal of the program is to involve students in the world of work very early during education and to increase the quality of vocational education by focusing on learning through and while working.

We are glad that through this program we provide all students with quality and expert mentors with whom students work and learn about their future profession, mostly through practical examples in the store. Students also receive compensation for their work at the internship, which we pay no later than the 5th working day of the month, and we provide all hardworking, diligent and regular students with a reward for their work in order to further motivate them to put in a good effort at the internship. – added Dunja Firšt, director of the Human Resources sector, Kaufland Hrvatska k.d.

Cooperation with teachers of vocational schools

Kaufland offers internship students the opportunity to work through the student service during school holidays and the opportunity to get a job after finishing high school education. In addition to students, the doors of the branches are also open to teachers of secondary vocational schools. For the second year in a row, Kaufland participates in the initiative “Teachers in companies” organized by the Austrian Embassy, the aim of which is to provide the opportunity for teachers of vocational subjects to get to know real life in the organization and through a two-day structured introduction to learn the basics of the main operational sales processes. Through work and conversation with employees, Kaufland provides teachers with a clear insight into the knowledge and competencies required of their students as future salespeople, as well as valuable practical experience that they can further transfer and implement in classes.

Kaufland says that they are looking forward to student applications for the next cycle of professional practice that starts next school year, which you can find out more about on the careers page.

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