Philip Morris Zagreb: Finding people who will make an impact

Philip Morris Zagreb is one of the leading tobacco companies in the country. They are committed to building a smoke-free future with courage and curiosity, so opportunities in their large team are endless.

Currently, they plan to employ more than 120 talented people who will make an impact that will last for generations. Their excellence in human resources management has been recognized by the EQUAL-SALARY which proves the equality of women and men in terms of salary. Also, our Employer Partner certificate, better known as Poslodavac Partner is in their hands since 2015 and each year Philip Morris shows even better results and practices.

In 2022 the Employer Partner certification process differed from the previous ones as it followed a new Employee Lifecycle methodology, which includes the assessment of the company in the following areas: Attract and Hire, Onboard & Develop, Engage & Inspire, Transform & Grow, Retain & Empower, Offboard & Rehire, and in the centre of which is HR strategic consulting. In all areas of human resources, once again, Philip Morris proved its success and has shown outstanding HR practices.

Receiving the Employer Partner certificate for the eighth year in a row is particularly significant in the context of the transformation of the entire industry led by Philip Morris International on a global level. We are glad that Philip Morris Zagreb is recognized as a company that values ​​and invests in its employees because we know that their commitment, knowledge and motivation are the key to our company’s success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues for making Philip Morris Zagreb a great place to work, said Anita Letica, President of the Philip Morris Zagreb Management Board.

In the past two years, we had a global pandemic and a lot of challenges and I am proud of our employees who did their best to make our work from home a positive experience for everyone, thus bringing a big change in the way we work. Our company is the only holder of the Equal Salary certificate in Croatia from 2018 which confirms the equality of wages for men and women working in the same jobs. These certificates come as a confirmation that the strategy of investing in people and putting people first is actually the only choice for any employer who cares about success, said Marin Mlinarić, member of the Philip Morris Zagreb Management Board.

For more information about Philip Morris go to Certified Employers or visit their Career page.

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