Poslovna inteligencija: The leading ICT consulting company is again certified as an Employer Partner

With gamification to better employee engagement

Encouraging innovation in teams is a desirable practice in human resource management because, not only does it support the employer’s creative thinking and development of new ideas, but it also increases the level of employee satisfaction. Poslovna inteligencija has therefore launched a program called PI Extra Mile that encourages employees to participate in activities that are not part of the basic job description. Thus, by collecting “Miles” in fifteen activities to share knowledge and encourage innovation, employees significantly increased engagement, which later had a positive impact on the business.

More vacation and higher salaries

Respecting different opinions and considering all employee suggestions is a regular practice of this company. So… earlier this year they introduced additional benefits based on such proposals. Additional three vacation days have been introduced, which can be granted to each team member by a team leader, even in situations where someone has been entitled to a maximum of 30 days of vacation. In addition to flexible working hours on a working day, the possibility of flexible working hours within a month has been introduced. Depending on the project obligations, the employees can organize and work four days a week if it suits them. They have increased pay grades and raised the upper limit of pay grades for each level of position, and from this year employees who are not in management, and are at higher levels of seniority, can use official vehicles for private and business purposes.

Introducing benefits for mothers and fathers

An important benefit for mothers has introduced two years ago and it offers the possibility of working part-time for the first month after returning from maternity leave with full salary compensation. This year’s news is that the same benefit was introduced for fathers. After the birth of a child for the first month, fathers can work part-time with full salary compensation. In this way, they have the opportunity to participate more in this important period for the family. 🙂

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