The excellence of HR drives the success of OTP Bank Serbia even in dynamic times

OTP Bank Serbia is strategically oriented towards its employees, recognizes their key role in the overall development of the business and makes progress along the way. That’s why this year, with even higher results than before, OTP bank Serbia received second Employer Partner certificate.

Krstinja Šćepanović, director of the human resources department at OTP banka Srbija, pointed out that the renewal of the certificate confirms the commitment to continuous dialogue with employees, setting innovative trends and decisive change management.

As an organization, we are going through numerous changes, and the excellence of the HR process is the basis that ensures that we enter these changes equipped with innovative solutions and best practices, in order to shape the future we want in our organization. Successful recertification, which enables us to continue to be the holder of the Employer Partner certificate, is a clear signal to us that we are on the right path, and together we are sending a message to our candidates, employees and associates that the bank is not a static, rigid system and that we are ready to create stimulating and inspiring together surroundings. Our structured and strategic approach to human capital management processes, as well as proactive participation in business decisions, have been recognized as an advantage that sets us apart, resulting in a better score and higher grades. Recommendations for further improvements will be our guideline and standard this year as well, said Krstinja Šćepanović.

The comprehensive approach to improving the HR system of OTP banka Srbija is truly commendable, especially in the current dynamic period of operations. Progress is reflected in the improvement of the selection process, the experience of candidates and onboarding, the creation of a stimulating work environment, the systematic provision of constructive feedback, as well as the support of employees through all phases of professional development. During this year’s certification, I would especially emphasize the inclusion of employees in change management projects and in initiatives to improve innovation, and the recognition of those employees who live organizational values through their work. The Bank keeps employees and their work experience consistently high on the list of priorities, which unequivocally contributes to successful operations, added Lara Šubić Šuša, manager of the Employer Partner project.

Other holders of this prestigious certificate in Serbia include Atlantic Grupa, Delhaize, Dijamant, Generali, Lidl Serbia, Mercator-S, Mg Mivela and Nelt.

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