The excellent change management practices in Podravka led to Employer Partner certificate

Proactive change management and attracting and hiring talent are recognized as some of the key items in the evaluation of the company from Koprivnica.

To meet the conditions for obtaining the certificate, Podravka went through a detailed evaluation of the human resources management system, which evaluates the employer’s practices and the experience of the employees in seven key areas.

By achieving excellent results in attracting and hiring talent and developing, inspiring, motivating and rewarding employees, Podravka has proven the quality of overall human resources management. In addition to excellent results in these areas, the certification team highlighted initiatives for proactive change management, which are based on analyses of the current state and future trends, as well as benchmark analyses. Also, by promoting leadership competencies and educating management about change management, Podravka also won high marks in the segment of employee education.

In the last two years, we have launched a number of activities in human resources management, especially in the form of development, transformation, new organization and organizational design, retention and increasing competencies. We have also improved the material rights and salaries of our employees, and our goal is to continue working on implementing good practices and strengthening our competitiveness as an attractive employer. This certificate is a recognition that would not have been possible without the efforts and support of the Board, management, workers and trade unions, and at the same time an obligation to be even better in the years to come, said Moira Homan, director of Podravka’s Human Resources Management sector.

The methodology of the Employer Partner certificate was designed in 2005 and has been continuously revised since then. More than fifty top experts in the field of human resources management participated in last year’s audit, and the standards were defined based on the best global practices.

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